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AraucariaDB last updated September 16, 2021 by Brian Pl├╝ss


AraucariaDB was the world’s first corpus of analysed argumentation, constructed using the Araucaria tool. Initial findings were described in

Reed, C. (2005) “Preliminary Results from an Argument Corpus” in Proceedings of the IX Symposium on Social Communication, Santiago de Cuba, pp576-580. [pdf]

The corpus has been used in a number of different subsequent research projects including, for example,

Moens, M.-F., Boiy, E., Palau, R.M., & Reed, C. (2007) “Automatic Detection of Arguments in Legal Texts” in Proceedings of the International Conference on AI & Law (ICAIL-2007), Stanford, CA, pp225-230. [pdf]

Due to a security breach the AraucariaDB corpus is no longer available online. (A Polish text corpus in a similar style — ArgDBpl is still live). The AraucariaDB corpus (and Polish and other extensions), however, are accessible online as a part of the Argument Web which can be searched from