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OVA last updated December 21, 2022 by chris


OVA3 is the latest release of the Online Visualisation of Argument analysis tool. OVA3 is thoroughly re-engineered for speed, stability and scalability and introduces collaborative editing, PDF annotation, utterance timestamps and a re-designed easy-to-use graphical interface. Like its predecessor (OVA2) it supports a wide variety of argumentation schemes and is also designed to handle both simple monological arguments and complex arguments situated in dialogue, as well as providing optional support for analysis using Inference Anchoring Theory.

OVA has tens of thousands of users and is a native Argument Web application, interfacing to annotation of millions of words across thousands of arguments through the underlying AIF representation used in a variety of AI applications including argument mining algorithms, automatic grading software and visual analytics that provide insight and summary.

OVA3 is released as free software and can be found online at with an accompanying user manual.

The codebase is released under CC-BY-SA at


For a very quick introduction, here’s a short video showing how to get started with OVA3:


And here’s a short introduction to using OVA3 for analysing dialogical argumentation:


More OVA3 how-to videos will follow in 2023.