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Teaching last updated March 15, 2023 by chris


Graduate level teaching is an important part of the work of the group. Members of the team have delivered a range of courses at international graduate schools and tutorials at major conferences, including:

  • Chris Reed worked with Annette Hautli-Janisz from Passau delivering lectures at the Winter School on Corpus Data for the Analysis of Discourse, Interactions and Arguments, USI Lugano, Switzerland (February 2023). The course focused on using Inference Anchoring Theory to build large datasets of argumentation resources and challenges in handling reframing.
  • John Lawrence delivered lectures on argument mining at the APPLY training school in Cyprus (March 2023).
  • Chris Reed delivered lectures at the USI Lugano Graduate Programme on basic techniques in Inference Anchoring Theory (May 2022).
  • Chris Reed delivered a lecture at the Training School on The Rhetorical Roots of Argumentation in Trento (September 2021) focusing on rhetorical structures in large scale datasets.

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