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Research Visitors last updated November 18, 2022 by chris

Research Visitors

ARG-tech maintains a vibrant programme of visiting scholars, the aim of which is to support the exchange of ideas and skills in argument technology and related fields.

Visitors are offered lab space with 24-hour access, all the usual IT infrastructure, regular meetings with faculty in the group, invitation to the weekly reading group, ARGr, weekly review group, ARGi, and weekly management group ARGm, access to the University library as well as the group’s own well-stocked library, and access to our unique hardware, infrastructure and datasets. Visitors are also offered practical assistance in arranging travel, finding appropriate accommodation etc.

Visitors are required to find their own funding for their visit, and, depending on individual circumstances, are encouraged to identify a contribution to overhead charges in the Centre (‘bench fees’).

Visits are typically geared around a specific theme of research and may involve the submission of a publication or release of a resource. A typical stay is around three months, but may be longer or shorter by negotiation. Visitors are typically engaged at a university as either a PhD student, research staff or faculty member, but in exceptional circumstances we also accept undergraduate students.

If you are interested in visiting ARG-tech, you should send an email a CV along with a covering letter of one or two pages describing the proposed research theme to the head of the Centre, Prof. Chris Reed.

Visitors to the Centre over the past few years include

  • Daniel Granados, University of Murcia
  • Yohan Jo, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jacky Visser, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Olena Yaskorska, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Joonsuk Park, Cornell University, US
  • Martin Pereira Farina, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain