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Argument Corpora last updated September 16, 2021 by Brian Plüss

Argument Corpora

All of our corpora are now available through the AIFdb Corpus Management tools, available online at

We have compiled various different corpora of argument:

These corpora are free for academic use (for non-academic use, please contact Prof. Chris Reed). If you find them useful, please cite either (Reed, 2006) for the AraucariaDB corpus, or for the others (until we publish something formally), the following:

Lawrence, J. & Reed, C. (2014) “AIFdb Corpora” in Parsons, S., Oren, N., Reed, C. & Cerutti, F. (eds) Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2014), IOS Press, Pitlochry, pp465-466. Available online.