Kicking off 2024

Posted by chris on January 17, 2024

2024 is getting off to a fabulous start with several changes in the team. First of all we welcome Yevhen Kostiuk who comes to us from Mexico City, and Ayah Soufan who had slightly less distance to travel, coming from Glasgow. They are both joining as postdoctoral researchers. We also welcome back Debela Gemechu, who finished his PhD here in 2021 and then went to work for ContactEngine (which was subsequently acquired by NICE systems) whilst remaining affiliated with ARG-tech as Industrial Fellow in Residence; he rejoins us now as a postdoctoral researcher. Finally, we’re also thrilled to see Elaine McIntyre advancing to a more senior role in supporting the operations of the Centre — anyone who has any dealings with ARG-tech will know that Elaine is a lynchpin of organisational management, so it is super to see her work recognised in this way.

So welcome to Ayah and Yevhen, welcome back to Debela, and congratulations to Elaine! 2024 is going to be a great year!