OVA alpha now available

Posted by chris on September 14, 2009

The group has been working on some tools that help with the analysis of argument, but that have a very low barrier to use. The first result is OVA (Online Visualisation of Argument) which is an online Flash tool for analysing arguments in web pages. In some ways it is similar to Araucaria, though it is not as sophisticated. It can also generate AIF analyses, and can save them to ArgDB. Both AIF and ArgDB form cornerstones of the the EPSRC-funded project Dialectical Argumentation Machines which aims to build the infrastructure required for the World Wide Argument Web.

OVA’s home page is here, and an alpha version of OVA is available for general use at http://ova.computing.dundee.ac.uk. We are keen to hear your feedback: please do contact Chris, Simon or Mark.